Dual Enrollment/Library Manager (2021-2022)

Student Supports · Harvey, Louisiana
Department Student Supports
Employment Type Full-Time
Compensation $35,600-$41,000 (no degree); $40,000-$50,000 (with degree)

School Overview

Founded by seven community members in 2014, Jefferson RISE Charter School will have 740 students in grades 6-12 for the 2021-2022 school year. Located in Harvey, Louisiana, we serve a diverse group of students from the Westbank of Jefferson Parish, with a student body that is 52% Black/African American, 30% White, 16% Hispanic, and 2% Asian and where 92% of students qualify as economically disadvantaged. 

We believe in educating the whole child, supporting both an academic foundation as well as building students’ social-emotional skills and readiness for long-term college and career success. Our model includes:

  • High-Quality Academic Program: With a longer school day and school, one-on-one tutoring, intervention, one-to-one devices, and a rigorous curriculum, our academics prepare our students for college.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Everything we do supports students to develop and live our values of Character, Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline, and Excellence. 
  • Student Life and Career Readiness: Beyond our core academic program, we provide enrichment opportunities and electives, skill blocks, and community circles to support students in developing their passions and life-long happiness. 

Since our founding, we have achieved remarkable results with our students. In the 2018-2019 school year (the latest year with available data), our 8th graders outperformed both district and state achievement levels in all subject areas, and our high school earned an “A” growth grade from the Louisiana Department of Education. We have also found that students who spend more time at our school are significantly more likely to score proficient or advanced on end-of-year exams. 

Position Overview

The Dual Enrollment and Library Monitor is responsible for monitoring and supporting dual enrollment students and the library for the duration of the school day.  

The Dual Enrollment and Library Monitor will also maintain appropriate related documentation records and reports. 

Other duties may be assigned as needed.

As a charter school, Jefferson RISE sets its own academic calendar and daily/weekly schedule based on the needs of its students. Staff generally work from mid-July (beginning with professional development before students arrive) through late May. 

Teachers expected to stay after school one day a week for tutoring or other afterschool activities. Weekly professional learning opportunities are provided on Fridays. 

  1. Proctoring and Monitoring Students
  • Work directly with students enrolled in dual enrollment classes or students who come to the library
  • Assist students, individually or in groups, with lesson assignments
  • Assist students with tracking assignments and completing work
  • Model appropriate behavior in various social settings
  • Coordinate and monitor necessary data collection (attendance and grades)
  • Use feedback to make productive changes in performance
  • Track data and monitor progress of students in dual enrollment classes

  1. Administrative
  • Analyze student achievement data in collaboration with team members 
  • Implement data tracking system and use data to inform instructional development and delivery
  • Enter in student performance data in a timely manner
  • Complete all administrative requirements before given deadlines

  1. School and Community Culture
  • Embody and teach the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the school
  • Design and implement programs that promote positive student behavior, and that motivate students to exhibit the leadership values of the school
  • Build classroom community by investing families in students’ academic success and development of strong character and leadership traits 

Candidate Profile

Education and Certification:

  • High School Diploma required
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred)

Experience and Skills:

  • Technological proficiency in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint as well as other web-based applications
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High level of personal organization and planning
  • Proven track record of student achievement and/or growth

Culture and Fit:

  • Commitment to the mission and organizational success of Jefferson RISE 
  • Ambition and desire to grow as a leader 
  • Openness to feedback and a willingness to take personal responsibility for the affairs of the school 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Personal and professional integrity 
  • Team player (flexible, willing to jump in)


Jefferson RISE pays the following employee only costs for all full-time employees: 85% medical and 100% dental, vision, short and long term disability. The Employee covers the remaining costs, including 15% employee medical and all spouse/dependent costs. RISE offers a Simple IRA retirement account and matches up to 3% with no vestment period. Jefferson RISE reserves the right to offer different or additional benefits to the Employee at any time.

At this time, Jefferson RISE is not able to provide work visa sponsorship. Being authorized to work in the United States is a precondition for employment. 

Additional Questions

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  1. What do you do to improve? Give an example of a time when you received difficult feedback from a peer, student, teacher, or supervisor. How did you respond in the moment? How did it affect your thinking? Your actions? *
  2. Describe a time when you saw some problem and took the initiative to correct it rather than waiting for someone else to do it. *
  3. Do you have a high school diploma? * 
  4. Do you have a bachelor's degree? *
  5. How did you learn about this position? *
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    2. ZipRecruiter
    3. Google Jobs
    4. BetterTeacher 
    5. WorkNOLA
    6. A Jefferson RISE team member (please specify)
    7. A Jefferson RISE parent or community member
    8. An email from Jefferson RISE Careers
    9. Somewhere else (please specify)
  6. If you learned about this role from a Jefferson RISE staff member or somewhere that wasn't listed in the previous question, please tell us who or where.
  7. Is there anything else you'd like us to know in considering your application?

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  • Location
    Harvey, Louisiana
  • Department
    Student Supports
  • Employment Type
  • Compensation
    $35,600-$41,000 (no degree); $40,000-$50,000 (with degree)